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  1. Periodization and Sprint training I
  2. Periodization and Sprint training II
  3. HSI sprint training
  4. The sprint start
  5. Sprint seminar with Loren Seagrave
  6. Sprint Training Matt Shirvington
  7. Training schedule Maurice Greene
  8. Bruny Surin's training
  9. Sprint Seminar with Ken Jakalski
  10. 400m sprint training
  11. Long, interesting 400m training discussion
  12. Pierrejean (IAAF.com regular) about Loren Seagrave and Andre Cason
  13. A 400m program for a jumper wanting to run the 400m...
  14. Speed bounding
  1. Excerpts from throwers forum The Ring
  2. Excerpts from discussion on throwers forum The Ring
  3. Excerpts from discussion on throwers forum The Ring Part 3
  4. Improve powerclean and weighttraing for throwers
  5. Lifting for throwers
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  1. Draft FAQ - Weight lifting for distance Runners
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  1. Performance tests/min. standards for 100m sprinters of varying abilities
  2. Strength performances by shotputters
  3. Flying 30m times
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  1. misc.fitness.weights FAQ
::Olympic weightlifting
  1. Bulgarian training for weightlifters
  2. Thoughts about strength and power

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