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::Laatste trainingsberichten
Eddy van Oort op 3/24/2009 @ 10:51 am

korte krachttraining
bench: 10x4 6x50 3x6x60 2x70
squatmachine: 10x80 2x10x100 (explosief uit, 3 sec terug)

Eddy van Oort op 3/18/2009 @ 10:44 am

90-80-70 versnelling rustig
60-50-40 versnelling 90% + coast
6 x 30m startspelletje
300-200-150-200-300 200m wndrust (~= 3′)
(46.9 28.6 20.9 28.1 45.2)

150m te rustig aan gelopen als ik ‘t terugzie, had een 19-er moeten zijn.

Eddy van Oort op @ 10:41 am

bank 10x40 8x50 3x6x60 1x70 0x75
squatmachine 10x70 2x8x100 6x120 , “diep”.

Eddy van Oort op 3/11/2009 @ 9:05 am

2 x 6 x 200m in estafette vorm, on flats
(30.6 30.0 30.5 30.3 32.2 31.3) (rust: 1:16 1:20 1:20 1:21 1:17)
23′ rust/medizin bal oefeningen
(33.3 32.3 32.1 31.9 31.9 31.0) (rust: 1:19 1:20 1:18 1:21 1:16)

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::Snelkracht artikelen

Pierrejean (IAAF.com regular) over Loren Seagrave en Andre Cason

Pierre-Jean -- 2004.04.14

Van de CF.com forum ...Seagrave didn't gave a sort of diary where each cession is noted, it was more successions of anecdotes in Cason's season, injuries, victories, and his role as a coach. Then, he explained in details his conception of sprint technique, then training for 400-400mH, and then nutrition. He gave some sprint training details, without saying if that was what Cason did exaclty in 93. Anyway:

- use mesocycle as most of body founctions work on the moon cycle (28 days = 4x7 days). Training load is increase during 3 weeks, and the 4th is lower.
- each cession starts with warm-up in order to wake-up biomechanical founctions whichw ill be used.
- jogging will be reduced to its minimum, replaced by "Jeane Fonda" exercises.
- many exercises used in order to prevent bore.

Weekly schedule
Monday - acceleration
Tuesday - general endurance
Wednesday - technique
Thursday - maximum speed
Friday - Force endurance mutlibonds
Saturday - general endurance
Sunday - rest

Weight training
- Weight training never more than 45min-1h as it hurts CNS. At the start of the season, weight training is placed after speed training.
- it's important to use loads than athletes can move quickly
- During specific period, they rarely do more than 5 reps by sets.
- During competition period, use quick squat and cleans.
- squat: neuro-muscular coordination is very low, so they do more specific squat, using quick down/up
- 1/4 squat: use 4 or 5 x body weight in order to stabilize articulations during sprinting at touch-down and during start.
- snatch: in order to increase work capacity, don't add weights, but bring closer your hands (this way, the distance of the load displacement is increase and power used is higher). - emphasis on back muscles and hip extensors.

Speed development
- 3x30m flying with or without weights
- 3x30m flying towing or sloping
- 3x60m without breathing

Acceleration development
- 3x 20m standing start with weight vest
- 3x30m standing start towing
- 3xrelay starts
- 10 press-ups + 100m + 20 sit ups

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